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Lion & Lamb by R. Kent Hughes

John 2:13-17 The hand that was stretched out on the cross and had that nail cruelly driven through it is the same hand that grasped the whip – the Lion and the Lamb. Let us be known for our hatred of sin and idolatry. We must not apply the whip to others, for we are […]

Quote by Amy Carmichael

“Before the winds that blow do cease, teach me to dwell within Thy calm.  Before the pain has passed in peace, give me, my God, to sing a psalm.  Let me not lose the chance to prove the fullness of enabling love.  O Love of God, do this for me:  maintain a constant victory.” 

Set Thine Heart to Follow by FJ Roberts

Set Thine Heart to Follow the Lord            by FJ Roberts (excerpt from Come Away My Beloved) Show Me thy hand. Lo, I have fashioned it to bring glory to My name. For My Name is above every Name, and unto Me belongeth praise and glory, and in Me shall every living thing rejoice. For I […]

Intimate Admission

On December 31, 1989 I made my intimate admission into the kingdom of God. Thousands of times since then I have bowed my heart in surrender, renewing that commitment. I recognize that intimacy is Christ’s supreme desire and He is so worthy of whole hearted abandonment. I don’t want any rival to steal my affection […]

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