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Riots in Kampala, Uganda

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On Thursday, September 10, riots broke out in Kampala.  The frenzy started over a “king” from a Buganda region (“Buganda” is one of the main tribes in Southern Uganda) of Uganda being denied access to a certain area.  It became a dispute between those in support of King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi of Buganda kingdom and the government under President Museveni.

The riots lasted several days.  Bullets flew and things were looted and burned down.  The police came in with tear gas, and eventually the military were called in to stop the uprising.  A total of 21 people died.  One of those people was a two-year old little boy.  A stray bullet from the streets came into his house and shot him down.
These riots were a reminder of the unstable world we live in- we should only put our stock and our hope in Jesus Christ and the Kingdom He will one day establish when He returns as the Prince of Peace. 

Please pray for Kampala, pray for the families of those who have lost their lives, pray again the corruption and tribalism.  Pray most of all for the believers here to reach out to the lost and make the most of every opportunity.

God bless you!
          FRM Kampala