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Calvary Chapel Vladimir – Pastor Pasha Baranov

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We recently had a six person team from Calvary Chapel Bible College in Siegen visit and minister with us this month. They spent most of their time in Saint Petersburg, but have made it a point to make it as far as Vladimir. We had great two days of ministry and fellowship together. God has opened a very surprising door for us to minister in a public school. WOW! It has happened so spontaneously, from my perspective, but it was great! We had a concert, an interview with the team and the kids in the day time, sports fellowship in the evening (sports games) and bunch of IDS kids came over to our church youth group the next evening. So the kids had a chance to hear the Gospel and also some great Bible teaching. 

Please pray the seeds that were planted would be watered and start to grow. Ron Castro has sown some seeds many years ago and we are able to continue the good fellowship. We are invited to do a Christmas program in the same school in December. 

Please pray for those dear souls. Poor kids are so lost in this modern thinking.