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This weekend our guest house in Kampala was broken into. We had one of our chaplains from Sudan at the guest house watching over it while Brian and Jill are on furlough. Our security guard came to the door asking for a drink of water and when Lino opened it there was a group of guys waiting to break in along with our security guard. Lino was severely beaten and they told him they were going to kill him. One of the thugs asked Lino, “who was going to save him now?” Lino responded with the confidence that only God can give, ” Jesus Christ will save me.”  

For an hour Lino fought off these four thugs until they were able to tie him up and proceeded to strangle him. Lino was able to stab the guy with his finger and he stopped choking him. The events that proceded next were a complete miracle. As they were taking stuff out of the house, Lino was able to free himself enough to deadbolt our steel garage. Then, whatever the thugs heard they ran. 

This weekend we celebrated thanksgiving and although much was stolen and the house virtually destroyed we are thankful it was Lino who was trained to handle these men. Our guest house is often a place where people come and take refuge and the Lord knew who to have there at this time. We are thankful for Lino’s life and the stuff that was stolen is only material.

Please pray that these men will get caught and that the Lord will be glorified through this.

~ Far Reaching Ministries