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Harvest Time at the Farm in Masindi

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One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is patience (Galatians 5:22) and l believe a farm is one of the good places to learn this virtue. At Canaan farm the past few weeks till now we have been harvesting maize (corn) planted in the months of June and July. It’s been quite a hectic process right from the time of planting to the harvesting – hectic, but we truly enjoy it!  You can see how the entire community has joined hands to help harvesting.

So far we have only harvested 16 of our 35 acres. At the end of each hard day’s work l always get the opportunity to share about  my  faith or just  get people to talk about  what’s God doing in their lives and finally to pray together. It’s such a joy to see how God is touching the lives of the rural farming community in His special way.  Please pray God will bring us good buyers. The yield from this harvest will carry our families until the next harvest, God willing!
~Richard Angoma