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From VICKY! Nimule Renovation

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After 11 years in the hot Sudan sun, the compound is in need of some work. God has brought us a team from the USA to help. Ed Gauntt, US Operations Officer is heading the team. We are painting all the buildings white with a olive stripe at the base of the buildings. It’s a group effort and the chaplains are having fun joining hands with Ed and Chuck Banks. Austin Priest has been attending bible College in Nairobi, but took time to come and help us. He is an amazing artist. He is painting a Noah’s Ark scene on one of our Sunday School buildings. He promised to paint a nativity scene – complete with wise men on camels – on the other. Lastly, Austin will be painting a Dove in our church sanctuary and chaplain logos on the round training room. Please pray God gives Austin extra strength for this task. It’s a HUGE blessing to us!

We have a team coming in to replace our windows and do work on the brick fencing next week. We covet your prayers for a break in the heat. It can be so hot this time of year – dry heat over 100 most days. Please pray the men will have perfect temperatures and all the work can be done without stress. It’s a big job and we need as many prayers as you can spare. Thanks and God bless you….I hope some of you will come and see the beauty of this work for yourself!


A Priest mural close up

A Priest painting mural
J Oryem painting the women’s building

Olive stripe around bottom of building