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Blazing The Trail

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Here are some more pictures of the hard work of our crew. John, Mike, Eric, Heath, Rob, Bob and Ed have been blazing a trail. These guys are such a blessing! They all volunteered to come and work and train. They have made the work a lot of fun! It’s very hot but no one is distracted by the heat, they are here to serve God and nothing is going to stop them! We now have new windows in the staff quarters, ceiling fans that will run on solar power, and a new gate! Tomorrow Ed will go with James to a forward operations base for an outreach. Please pray God will use them to win souls and to encourage our chaplains. The rest of the team will be installing windows in our resource library and working on the front fence. By the time they go back on Thursday this place will feel like its brand new….please keep praying for them.
~ Agape,
The men, pausing for the photo-ops.
Sneak peek at the new gate!