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Fireworks and Haiti

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We’ve just come through Spring Festival and tonight will be the first night of sleep not broken up by random barrages of fireworks.  I like fireworks.  I like blowing stuff up but two solid weeks of fireworks tends to knock the wow off the experience.  As I was writing that last line I had to laugh.  Somewhere off in the distance someone is setting off a huge aerial display.  We’re at the point that it feels like the explosions may never end. 

Despite the never ending fireworks, nearly everyone is back from the holiday and classes began today.  Phoebe is still up north.  She had to get some dental work done.  Barbara headed back to the states on the 28th and I’m missing her a bunch.  Finally, of course, Trudy is getting the last of the Operation Safe Camp preparation done in Texas. 

The mixed team of kid helpers and medical volunteers will begin flying out to Haiti on March 4th.  Prior to the quake, the country was in terrible condition.  Now, things are just about as bad as they can get.  Trudy writes:

“I did some research on Mizak.  You can look it up on the HAPI site and also google it.  It is a pretty hopeless place.  There is no electricity, no sewage, no running water, and not much food. They lost 325+ homes in area that was already poverty-stricken.  They have no hospital and no doctors or nurses.  We have our work cut out for us. Lots of kids and orphans who need lots of love. I guess that is where I fit in.”

Please keep the team lifted as they gather together in Texas and head for Haiti.  They are going to be stretched in a number of ways and they need our support.  Thank you for keeping us lifted here as we cope with Trudy’s absence.  She does an awful lot and is sorely missed.  The next few weeks are going to be very challenging.
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