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Rabuna Fi – "God is Here"

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The last three weeks God has done a radical stirring up in the women of Rabuna Fi. Our study groups have surged in attendance, but even more importantly, there is a new hunger compelling the ladies to seek hard after God. We opened a leadership training last Saturday. There is no craft work available – this group is just for in-depth discipleship….I was hoping for 12 women to come….we had 48! Forty eight women who spent four hours fellowshipping, sharing their heart, and seeking to please their heavenly Father! Each woman all told us she wants to learn how to teach others! Praise God!
Today our lesson was from Philippians 3. When we closed I asked the ladies, “What one thing do you want in your relationship with God right now?” Here is a list of some of the responses:
“I want God to open my eyes so I can read and understand His word and then go and teach others.” Grace Abalo
“I want God to give me strength so I can serve Him all of my life.” Monica Yar
“I want God to change the heart of all the people here in Nimule in bondage to alcohol. I want them to be set free and to know Jesus.” Joska Auma
“I want God to give Vicky strength so she can take God’s word all over Sudan and reach every woman.” Rebecca Achol
“I want to have understanding of the Bible so I can teach others about the goodness and power of God.” Sabina Anyango
“I want God to teach me how to win the children of my family and in my neighborhood for Jesus.” Rose
These are just a few of the comments. As each sister shared her heart I wanted to jump for joy! They are growing in faith. After ten years of sowing seeds I am seeing an amazing harvest. We would not be here if it were not for all of you who stood with us and prayed! Thank you to all of you who faithfully support us. The simple crafts that you purchase literally provide daily bread for these women and their children. Your gift enables them to sit here and learn His word, to attend literacy classes, and then fellowship for up to six hours each day. Without your support they would be out cutting firewood, going to the market, and sadly even brewing alcohol just to survive. You have truly given them a new life….THANK YOU! From every woman of Rabuna Fi – THANK YOU! May God bless you and reward you for all your kindness to us!
~ Agape,
Grace Abalo and Joska fellowshipping at break
Betty giving testimony
Literacy class