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Our Women Ministry is booming in numbers and in faith. We are averaging every Bible Study about 100 ladies. Praise the Lord for them! The ladies and I have been bonding so well and we have really grown to love each other deeply. I am attached to them now; they will always remain in my heart. I love seeing their joyful attitudes and the smiles on their face as they enter our compound. We often greet each other with hugs and Arabic sayings. They love when I call their name from memory and hold their babies so they can listen to the word. I also love visiting them at home, praying for them, and sharing simple bits of health advice that I have learned out here on the field. I love having fellowship with these ladies and can’t wait until we get to heaven! I believe we will be dancing together for our Lord with all our might on that day! We will keep you updated with more testimonies of what is happing as the hand of God is moving; until then, please keep us in your prayers!

~Alison Jalinski~
FRMA intern missionary in Nimule, Sudan