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The past few weeks, families at Canaan Farm have been busy clearing up farmland for the first season of cultivation. The families at the farm grow their own food and build their own shelter using the agriculture and the resources of the land. Not only are the people clearing up farmland for production (as has been the tradition for so many years in the past), they are involved in an exciting empowering project that is transforming lives in the community. This project is making jewelry out of native bamboo plants. The bamboo project has given the opportunity for many involved to see the providence and love of God, especially to those who are recovering from 20 years of war and suffering. Through the bamboo project not only are the families getting an income to meet their basic needs but building relationships with brethren in Christ who are buying these products.
This has been a month of twins at the farm. March is usually a month of births at the farm. This is the month that most of the cows produce their young. Interestingly enough, this month one of the cows produced twins which is quite unusual. What makes it more interesting is that one of the ladies at the farm gave birth to adorable twin girls. Suzan and a local midwife were on hand to help her give birth.
Below are some pictures.
Jennifer and Suzan
Working with bamboo
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