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Natasha’s Passport

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It seems that I am going through a time when I am walking on water…I believe that the Lord called me to serve Him in Africa, so it is a road of faith…step by step I see God’s faithfulness in every situation…Now I am in the process of renewing my passport. The Russian embassy here in Nairobi told me that they will do it but it will take three months…my visa expires on the 16th of April and my work permit is not approved yet…If my work permit is approved I can stay in the country and wait for my new passport, If not I have to go back to Russia and work on my new passport there. I can see so clearly that I have to trust Jesus in all of it…I am this kind of person that wants the answer right away and over and over again the Lord is teaching me patience, I am learning how to trust Him minute by minute…The only way I can do it is to fix my eyes on Jesus…I can see how easily I can be distracted by the “storms of this world”…It’s so true that I am living this passage of the Scripture literally J.
I want to encourage you my brothers and sisters…it does not matter what surrounds us, not how strong the “wind” nor how big the “waves”, if we fix our eyes on Jesus, we can walk on waters…
I love you all and thank you again for your faithful support and prayers…
When it’s over, I’ll let you know what the Lord has done J
Please continue to pray for God’s will to be done in all of this…