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China Update

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It’s often very difficult to know whether or not we have offended our hosts in any way.  The line that one might cross is always open to interpretation.  Depending on who is in town and their security concerns or a pending national holiday might increase the scrutiny we are under.  Very little gets said directly so we must do our best to react immediately to any kind of warning we might receive.  We want to be an asset to the community, not a thorn in the side of authority.  Right now we are going through what seems an inordinately long period of scrutiny. We have curtailed anything that anyone might be opposed to.  Kid’s Club has been halted as well as the Coffee Club.  We don’t think these are the problem but we want to be safe.  We expect to resume both when things settle down.  We hope to be here a long time.  We have a son that requires our presence.  We are doing our best to adopt him but as the law stands that is impossible.  Next month we will have a home inspection as part of meeting eligibility requirements for adoption and that along with the recent concerns is adding a lot of stress.  The next couple of months, as we head to the end of the term are going to be long and probably difficult.  I’m sure we will survive but things are a bit nerve wracking.  Thank you for keeping us lifted.

In the vine, Tim and the clan