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Faith Like a Child

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We are so blessed when we hear the Lord putting His calling on kids of all ages. We have two of our kids from the ministry, Sage 10 and Courage 8, who are being led by the Lord to go to Africa to help with our Love Covers outreach in Masindi. Sage has always felt the Lord calling her and now He has opened the door. Courage is already feeling the compassion and is starting to see how God is moving.

We could not have been more blessed than when we learned that our church (Calvary Chapel South Bay) VBS wanted to support the kids going to Africa. Peggy and Pastor Stef rallied the VBS kids to bring in pencils in so Sage and Courage can take them to Africa and put them in the back packs for the Ugandan Kids.

Next week the kids will be brining coins in to help raise money for Sage and Courages trip. It has been a powerful testimony to Sage and Courage how the Lord works. About a year ago Sage asked me how she knows the Lord is speaking to her. Well the Lord told her she was going to be a missionary and now He has opened that door! Thank you Lord for how you work.

So if you feel led to help support you can click here

Watch their video from VBS