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Sage and Courage: Day 4 – Kitgum

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I woke up this morning around 6:30 to giggling and chatter outside my door and then I heard a squeal and then mom mom… I was so tired and ready to just ignore them when I wisely responded to them. They were saying mom there is a frog outside your door… Then what I thought was them opening the door drew me to say “don’t open the door I don’t want the frog in my room” quickly the door slammed shut when Courage cried, “He’s been cut in half” Then Sage exclaiming I think we cut off his legs… then they started laughing hysterically declaring quite loudly that they killed him. I decided to get up to see the commotion when I saw the dead frog laying at my door. I came out and they both started talking all at once that it wasn’t them who opened my door but the frog did. I am not sure exactly what happened but they are convinced this little frog opened my door.  It made for quite an exciting morning.

I decided to let them call dad since it was early at home and there is always so much encouragement in talking to him. He let us know the many of you who are praying.  The kids and I say thankyou. We can only send an email and it is able to post to everything I need it to so Bartley reads my facebook and wordpress to let us know all of you who have responded. It is also a HUGE encouragement to Sage and Courage.

Today is a quiet today as we are preparing for the Love Covers outreach next week. We counted little coloring cards, popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners for crafts and got the flannel graph ready for church tomorrow.  The kids will be sharing on the widow of Zarephath and King Josiah. They will also be sharing this same study next week for the VBS so this will help them practice.

Courage helped Nancy today in making Chipates. They are like tortillas but much much better. Its because of all the sunflower oil they cook them in. courage had a blast he says he wants to be a chef now. That could change next week but hey it might be nice to have a chef around the house.

Sage gave her favorite earrings away to the girl who helps around the house.  It blessed the girl so much and she was really touched.  Sage asked Erica if she had a gift box to wrap it in but Sage realized we are in Kitgum they don’t have gift wrapping here.

I talked to Vicky today and she told me the tailoring school is still not finished with the pants for the boys school uniforms. Please pray they get these done in time so we can get them in back packs for these kids.  We always experience warfare and I know God will come through and do a miracle.

The kids are now off playing outside and I promised to take them outside the compound to meet the kids out there. They just want to play with them. Courage also taught the kids a game he made up can you guess what it would be called? Poisenous frog! If you know courage only he would make up a game called poisonous frog.

 I love how kids are they are not like adults looking on the outward appearance. They just see kids they can play with it doesn’t matter what they look like, or how dirty they are, or if they don’t speak the same language, they love immediately. I think this is what God says to have faith like a child. They don’t come with baggage or guards up they are just ready to play they are just ready to believe God will move.



I just heard the rumblings of thunder and the kids are next door playing with the McCourtney kids. I knew rain was coming when a thunder clap sounded so loud you could feel it vibrate inside you. I then heard the kids screaming in delight I thought it would terrify the them but Courage later told me the lightning he saw and how excited he was to see it. Then shortly after the down pour that came next was a cause for much discussion the rest of the evening.  The kids stayed next door until the rain decreased.

Later that night we went to eat and the kids ate goat. Much to my surprise they liked it. Sage said next just tell her its steak. I didn’t like it but maybe my kids are called to missionaries. They will be tested tomorrow when the go to the Infant Care center and the will be served posho and liver. Erica and I decided to just tell them its meat and I already told the kids they have to eat whatever is given them. I will let you know how that goes. This will be true test to not say they don’t like it and to smile with gratefulness as they eat it.