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Sage and Courage: Day 5 – Masindi

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The day has arrived. We are all very excited and I wonder how much more excited the kids will be when we arrive. Vicky said this will be like Christmas magnified 100X. Little did I know what me and kids would encounter once we arrived.

We saw the kids and they were giddy and joyful. We arrived and they were singing and dancing. We got them all together and gave them one more drama to remind them that God sees them and He cares for them. Then we gave them a gospel message and many more kids got saved! What a day of rejoicing.

As rain clouds started approaching it did not deter the joy the kids had. We assembled in the classroom to pass out back packs each child entered so silently you could hear a pin drop. Not one of them wanted to miss hearing their name. We started down our list, sage and courage took turns passing out their back packs and one putting the pencils, cards, and uniforms into the Love packs.  Then with much force that you could expect the rain came down in torrents so loud the kids could almost not hear their names. But the Lord prevailed as each kid came forward to get their pack. Our class was so large that some classes were let out and you could start seeing the sea of red outside but still our kids waited patiently. It was now time… the kids each received the pack and now it was time to pray and open their packs.   As we prayed the kids started cheering and throw their packs in the air they did not even open them it went on for about 15 minutes when we finally were able to quiet them down and told them they could open the packs which started another torrent of screaming dancing and cheering. I turned to find Sage almost in tears and Courage jumping up and down clapping with them. You could not help but feel their excitement it moved through you where even we felt as if we could burst.

When courage went outside he said look mom I am drowning in a sea of red! I also told them they finally blend in because when they were outside I could not find Sage and Courage.

Sage said she loved the fact they were so excited before they even opened their backpacks. They would cheer so loud.

Vicky said this is like Christmas for the only magnified 100x.  This was the most gifts they have ever received and may well be the most they ever will receive in the future.

I know these kids lives have been touched forever and there will be an imprint on them forever. But Sage, Courage and I have been changed just as much and there will be an imprint on our lives that too will last forever.