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Catch-up and Update on a girl named Flavia

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Flavia is a 16 year old Ugandan girl whom our missionary, Suzanne Scott, has gotten to know over the past few months. She converted from Islam to Christianity in January of this year. Her entire family is still Muslim and they recently found out that she’s a Christian. She lives with over 40 relatives. We first heard that she was in trouble and that they were planning to send her away and at least beat her. She was harassed and beaten for several days. We had been praying for the return of her grandmother to aid her. This is the most recent update we received from Uganda.

Flavia is doing better now. It was 5 of her Aunts who were causing her to be beaten and caned. Thankfully, she was never beaten too severely and never needed hospitalization. Her Uncle, who is also Muslim, has stepped in and told her Aunts to stop beating Flavia. He recently left for the village for 2 weeks, but said that if her Aunts laid a finger on Flavia they would be in big trouble. Also, Flavia’s grandmother has made it home. She wasn’t supposed to return until December, but I firmly believe it is an answer to your prayers that she’s back. She told Flavia that it’s her decision to believe in what she wants to. Praise God, things are getting better. I don’t know if everything is sorted out, yet, but if you can remember her in prayer, she can always use it.

Thank you so much!
God Bless,