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meeting with a group of Somali ladies

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I want to share with you about a meeting that we had with a group of Somali ladies who were Muslims but received Jesus Christ as their personal Savoir. We got together with other believers from another church. Also, our 9 sisters and 1 brother from Somalia joined us. As I said all of them are Christians now… We had a time of worship, small Bible study and then a few of them shared their testimonies…One lady in that group has 11 children and was abandoned by her husband because she became a Christian, she also hosts two more young ladies who became Christians whose families chased them out of their homes…Another lady has two brothers who promised to kill her because of her conversion into Christianity and she prayed for protection from the Lord and one of her brothers moved to Dubai and another brother suddenly died…It’s a tragedy, but she is safe for now. You know, to hear these stories about the lives of these ladies was very challenging and encouraging…to know that God is in control and Muslims are getting saved and challenging because their lives are so hard and their faith is so strong for them it is life and death…We prayed with them and they sang a Somali worship song!!! It was so cool!!! J Also, they received a gift of some food and supplies to study the Bible…It was a sweet time of fellowship…Thank you Jesus!!!