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FIC Youth Christmas Party at Calvary Chapel Nairobi

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    The Wednesday before Christmas, I had the opportunity to attend the Calvary Chapel Nairobi’s youth Christmas Party. The party took place in the sanctuary of the church and went from afternoon till evening. It started off with a time of fellowship and greeting one another. Jackie, Anna Marie and I are just starting to build relationships with the youth, as well as with the other members of the church, so we spent time mingling to get to know them better.
     After the time of meeting and greeting, we played some games to help break the ice for those who did not know everyone there. We played a name game, and Christmas Bible Trivia. Chris, one of the Kenyan youth group leaders, conducted the name game, and by the end of it we all knew each others name as well as what we like to do for fun.
Jackie, Anna Marie and I hosted a game that tested everyone’s knowledge of  the true Christmas story. We asked everyone questions, and eliminated the youth down to three main contestants who competed for the grand prize. The game was a lot of fun, while at the same time giving the opportunity to learn more about the word of God.
     After the games we had a time of more fellowship, eating baked items baked by Jamie, and dancing. Finally, the party ended with a time of testimonies and a recap of the youth mission trip to Garrison, and Katui, Kenya. Those who went on the trip shared their testimonies of  the trip and how God used them to reach some unreached parts of Kenya.