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Raising up Men of God

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Today we served at a men’s luncheon at the church. One of Arie’s desires is to raise up strong Godly men in the church. Today’s message was geared towards fathers being the head of the household & raising their children in a Godly manner. To our surprise 22 men showed up & a couple of them even brought their sons with them. We ladies cooked & served them lunch after the teaching. We cooked sukuma wiki (which is like a spinach leaf) with beef & ugali (maize flour). We had a great time cooking with the ladies. We each took turns trying to make ugali while the ladies giggled at our efforts. You pour the ugali flour into a huge pot of water & almost immediately it turns into a play doh like substance. You have to stir it continuously & as you’re stirring it becomes tougher & tougher to stir. We had to put our entire bodies into it…the Kenyan’s could stir it with one hand…they are some tough women! We were all so blessed to be able to serve the men & blessed to have a great turn out of man desiring to grow in God.

Christina stirring the ugali
 Pastor Arie teaching