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Bible Study open to women of Kibera, Nairobi

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The Lord opened up the door for Jackie, Anna Marie and I to teach a women’s Bible Study in the slums of Kibera. The Bible study takes place at a hair salon, and the owner, Doreen, invited us to come and teach the ladies who work there.
We are all three taking turns teaching through the book of Colossians, which is good for these ladies because many of them are new believers who need encouragement in their faith. But some of them are customers who happen to be there getting their hair done and end up at a Bible study they did not plan on going to.
The first few weeks of the study, the women did not respond very much after the teaching to ask questions, or even give feedback about what they learned. Last week, I had the opportunity to teach about Paul warning the Colossians about false teaching in the church. After I was done teaching, some of the women starting talking with our Christian translator Mildred.
Mildred later told me they were asking her questions about different false teachings they have in their culture, to know if they are Biblical. I was excited that they were responding to the Word of God and relating it to their lives. I am hoping that as more weeks go by, we can continue to build relationships with these ladies so that they will grow more deeply in Christ.
Above Ana Marie Teaching, and Mildred translating
Above Jackie, Ana Marie and Mildred and ladies
listening to Bible study.