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Taking advantage of every opportunity

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One of the most unique things about the Bible study we have at the salon in Kibera is that the women continue their work as we teach.  This concept is unheard of in America, but here they cannot afford close down their business for an hour.
The first week I thought it was going to be hard to teach while they were still braiding.  However, God soon changed my perspective.  Now I am encouraging knowing that God is the One choosing people each week to come and have their hair done at the salon so that they may hear the Gospel.  It is as if we are teaching and doing evangelism at the same time!
This past Tuesday I was teaching again.  We discussed what the life of a Christian should look like according to the third chapter of Colossians.  The Gospel is repeated several times in this book. If it is repeated in the Bible, we repeat it as well. 
At the end of each study, we ask the women how we can be praying for them.  We also have the habit of asking the customers.  To our surprise, one of the customers told us her name and that she was a Muslim.  She even allowed us to pray for her.  Even though she did not pray to receive Christ that day, I was so encouraged to be reminded of God’s Sovereignty. 
He is so faithful to bring people to us that need to hear that Jesus Christ loves them and died for them.  At the same time, God reminded me of our part to take advantage of every opportunity to share about Jesus Christ because we never know who might be listening.