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Building a foundation

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Last week we were able to assist several nationals as they went into the schools to teach as part of the CRE (Christian Religious Education) program.  This week we actually started teaching the classes.  On Tuesday Jackie and Christina taught the two classes while I took photographs for a project I am doing for the church.  Jackie was teaching the older kids from the Gospel of John.  As she went verse-by-verse through the first chapter, she was explaining that Jesus is not only the Son of God, but He himself is God.  I enjoyed watching the kids listen so intently as Jackie simply and excitedly explained the deity of Christ to them.
Jackie teaches the students from the Gospel of John.
After Jackie was done teaching, I was curious to see what the kids retained from the lesson.  I found two young boys that had been in her class.  I asked them what they learned from the teaching.  I was fully expecting some short answer, but almost in perfect unison, they began retelling Jackie’s entire lesson.  They even reviewed with me what they had learned from the week before, and recited their memory verse. 

These two boys impressed me with their memories and desire to learn the Word of God.
I was humbled once again when I realized that we are a part of building the foundation of these children’s lives.  That thought spurs me on to take advantage of every opportunity to share the Gospel with these children.