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Set Thine Heart to Follow by FJ Roberts

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Set Thine Heart to Follow the Lord
            by FJ Roberts (excerpt from Come Away My Beloved)

Show Me thy hand. Lo, I have fashioned it to bring glory to My name. For My Name is above every Name, and unto Me belongeth praise and glory, and in Me shall every living thing rejoice. For I will cause a light to shine out of darkness, and in that place where thou hast walked in defeat, there I will cause victory to break forth.

Rise, rise, and put on strength, o Zion; for  thou aret a people called by My Name, and in My Name shalt thou be strong and do exploits. And I will bless thee out of the abundance of heaven.

My strength shall be thy delivering power. For I the Lord am in the midst, to be to thee a mighty power, but there shall be none weak among you. But he that hath more abundant grace shall lend a lifting hand to him that hath less; and he that hath great rejoicing in his heart shall cheer them that languish.

For I know my works, Thine heart hath been an open book which My Spirit hath read. Yea, and I know thine every desire, and I know thine every need, and I go before thee, and I shall bring it to pass.

In the morning, lift thine heart in song. In the evening, let thy requests be made known. And My peace shall keep thee, and my grace shall be thy support.

Turn not into the diverging path, neither fear to follow Me. For as the Shepherd when he putteth forth his sheep goes before, so shalt thou know of a surety that I go before thee. And it shall be to thee a place of broad pastures, yea, of enlarged vision; of increased fruitfulness, and unabounded blessings – and nothing shall prevent Me.

Look not to thine own thoughts, but walk in the Spirit: so shalt thou accomplish the work which the Spirit desireth to do. Eternity alone shall reveal the fruit of this hidden ministry. For we labor not in the material realm, and we work not with the elements of this world; but our labor is in the realm of the Spirit, and the accomplishments are not judged by the human eye, but shall be revealed in the light of eternity.

There, be diligent. Follow Me so closely that there shall be no distance between. Listen carefully to My voice, that thou go not thine own way. For My path shineth more and more brightly unto that day. Set thine heart to follow to the end, or at the end there is laid up an exceeding weight of glory for them that endure.”