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Lion & Lamb by R. Kent Hughes

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John 2:13-17
The hand that was stretched out on the cross and had that nail cruelly driven through it is the same hand that grasped the whip – the Lion and the Lamb. Let us be known for our hatred of sin and idolatry. We must not apply the whip to others, for we are not Christ, but let us apply it to our own lives. Let us be people so zealous, so overflowing , so burning, so full of Him that nothing else can intrude…[Then] we will have reverence for God in our lives. People will see our ethos – that it is real. It will affect our worship wherever we are, and our own church will become a house of prayer for the nations. The grace of God will go forth. May God deliver is from idolatry – a lower concept of Him than we see in our AWESOME, TRANSCENDENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT Lamb and Lion. 
                   ~R. Kent Hughes (emphasis mine)