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The Tent Is Up!

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The first tent of many went up last week!  FRM is planning to have traveling ministry groups in Sudan take the tents and a team to set them up to preach the good news of the Gospel, and hopefully leave it there as a church plant!  Keep this project in prayer!


Here’s the word from the mouth of John Eastham:

Half way through putting it up, there was a thunderstorm.

We got soaked and very muddy.

I was muddy from head to toe.


I worked with 9 Sudanese chaplains.  they were awesome.

God gets all the credit since He sent an American pastor with me who could teach the chaplains how to use a trucker’s ratchet.


We will put the side walls on the tent tomorrow.


After that we will take the tent down, pack it up, take it out, and then put it up again.

It’s all to train the chaplains how to put up the tent.


thank you so much for the prayer support.  I really appreciate it.

I found the instructions in the tent materials, however, they were not nearly as helpful as I had hoped.

Anyhow, it is up.


Plans for the tent are to use it for evangelical crusades with the FRM chaplains and (possibly) it will become the church

 “building” for Calvary Chapel Juba (capital of South Sudan).


That is why putting up the tent and training the chaplains is so important.  Many, many people may be saved because of how it is used.



john e.