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Safari day 2

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Monday- August 8, 2011
The second day to our safari was a blast. We spent the whole day out on the Mara. We ate our breakfast and lunch among the wildebeest. It was a great time for Kevin and I to spend with Aunt Vicky and Uncle Wes. We laughed and were awed by God’s creation around us. We learned on the second day that every animal on the African Savannah was useful for one reason or another. The vultures cleaned up and keep things sanitized. The elephants eat the acacia trees. So that is why there are only a few that pop up. The zebra and wildebeest eat the tall grass. The lions keep the population of wildebeest down. The list goes on and on.  I just think that is so amazing. We serve a resourceful God. How much more will the God who gives purpose to the elephants give you a direction and a plan for your life. I like to dwell on this because being 19 a lot of life decisions are coming up. Including me getting married in December. Going to college also gives a lot of opportunity for God’s will to become more and more evident. So I have faith that He will direct me as I learn to surrender more, listen to Him often, trust and depend on Him solely, and have my hope resting in Him only. Then just be obedient.