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Feasting at His table

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Intimate Adoration ~ Savor the Savior

Psalm 34:8:taste and see that the Lord is good….

The word taste here means to perceive spiritually. This is our moment by moment communion with our Lord. What do you taste at His table right now?


Take time to savor what He has put before you ~ even if the flavor is bitter, savor it. Journal, or blog, what God is doing. Bask in His glorious grace and begin to explore what is going on in your heart. Be still long enough to shut out the distractions then ask for revelation…
     He promises to give it … Matthew 7:7-11
          Ask Him questions,
Listen for His voice
    Discern what God is saying by holding what you sense up to the truth in the WORD
TASTE His attributes and KNOW~

     For He is Gentle, Powerful, Just, Faithful…. and most importantly YOURS!