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Intimate Instruction

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Learning from Your Lord

Intimate adoration is our new and living way for moment by moment communion with the Lord. He calls and you respond by going; just there Jesus speaks to you about absolutely everything. At His feet is the place of submission, of worship, and the perfect place to listen.

Now, I know we all have Martha demands on our lives and I am not suggesting you ditch all your responsibilities; BUT remember the good is the enemy of the best. We can cultivate a lifestyle of continual communion with Jesus. We can receive His intimate instruction while we are leading our homeschooling lesson, as we are peeling potatoes for dinner, and even as we rush to meet our deadlines at work.

All you need for Intimate Instruction is your Bible & a heart willing & ready to pray.

Heed this daily call; get away into a secret place, setting all busyness aside, and wait in His presence ~ that can be in your car as you drive, in the elevator up to your floor, in the ladies room, at the laundry machine, anywhere your heart can slip away. Begin this time by adoring Him just for Who He is! Ask for intimate instructions for the moment and the day!

Jesus will literally pour Himself into you….

       It is in this daily receiving of His love that deeper revelation is given.

             In Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

 Jesus is always the answer….

      Not just once,

     Not just for big things…

                         But continually & for all things!