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Ask Jesus….

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Jesus intricately weaves the scriptures together showing us, step by step, how to follow after Him. His primary way of speaking to us is the Word.

The law of the Lord is perfect… Psalm 19:7

Giving us intimate instruction is His great pleasure!

How do I personally hear what God is saying to me?

      1.      Open the Word

2.      Pray for Jesus to speak clearly to you as your read, meditate, and pray.
3.      Be committed to absolute surrender and radical obedience…


Now it’s time to start asking Him specific questions.

1.      Begin listing questions as they come to mind…
2.      Go through your list and prioritize the questions.
3.      Pray over the order you ask…this step is vital because many times I have 20 questions that hinge on one single question, Example: “Should I be a missionary?” needs to be asked before, “Are you calling me to serve in India?”
4.      Ask God one thing at a time, so you don’t get confused about the answers…take the time to be prayerful and careful the order you ask.
5.      As you read if a verse jumps off the page stop! It doesn’t matter if you are right in the middle of a chapter, stop and pray.
6.      Don’t move on until Jesus reveals His message for you, it will be totally worth the wait!
7.      Journal His instructions, write dates next to verses in your Bible. You will be so edified as you come to the verses at a later date and remember the great things God has done for you. That is how men like David strengthened their hands in the Lord.
8.      Pray the scriptures He gives you.

      9. Be accountable with a close friend. Share what God is doing! Your intimacy with Christ   can spill over into your friendships…share! Bring Jesus into the center of all your relationships!