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The Easthams’ White Ants

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We recently walked through an open air market in Kampala and came across a local food that I’ve been wanting to try for some time:  ants.

They are called “white ants” here, but they may actually be termites.  “White ants” can fly, but their wings fall off.  Yes, the ants for sale in the market were dead.  The ants were quite affordable:  two cups (about 500mL) for about $0.85. 

We brought the bag of ants back to the Far Reaching Ministries’ guest house.  The house girl was delighted to cook them up for us.  She fried them with some diced red onion, her tribe’s traditional way of cooking ants.


Then came the serving it to my family.  Lily decided to pass on the delicacy.  I guess Chinese don’t eat everything!  The rest of us (yes, the rest of us tried it) found the ants to be okay but not greatly appealing.  The ants were crunchy and had a taste that is just difficult to describe.  Ben discovered they added good flavor to his beans and rice.


We didn’t finish the ants.  They were okay but not very appealing to our American/Asian palates.  We ended up giving the leftovers to the house girl and guard.  Both of them were very appreciative.

-John Eastham