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Will you go for Him? ~by Vicky Bentley

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This generation of believers that you and me are a part of, we are responsible for this generation of souls, all over the world. We’re responsible for them. We’re responsible to pray daily for the needs of ministries around the world, and ask God, “How about me not sending my money this time, how about me going?”  It’s so easy to write checks, it’s so easy; but, God can’t cash out of state checks in heaven, He needs you! ~ Keith Green “Open Your Eyes” excerpt

These lyrics were given as a challenge to the Body of Christ decades ago. He still needs you. We still need you. Will you respond to His call today and say, “Here am I Lord, send me!” You won’t regret it…

Jesus says, when we love someone in His name,
We’re loving Him.
Jesus says, when we touch someone in His name,
We’re touching Him.
And we need to show them the Light;  

We need to pour out our lives…

~ Keith Green “Open Your Eyes” more excerpts