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The Easthams: Getting Some Driving Experience

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We have been in Uganda about three weeks now.  My last blog posting was about a difficult day driving in Kampala.  I would like everyone to know that things have gone much better since then.

With the help of some good navigators, I have successfully driven several kilometers of road (both paved and unpaved) and gone through several roundabouts.  So, things are looking much better than before.  Last Sunday I even drove to church (downtown Kampala) and back.  We only got lost once.

While driving back from church I was stopped by the traffic police.  They were randomly pulling over cars, and I was the “lucky one.”  Traffic police here have indirect ways of asking for bribes.  Thankfully, other missionaries have taught me indirect ways of saying “No” to such overtures.  I made a quick prayer that there would be no bribe request.  The policewoman inspected the car and let me go.  Prayer answered.  Whew!

My driving class begins March 26.  The class should teach me about Ugandan road signs, roundabouts, and defensive driving techniques.  I’ve found out that Ugandan “defensive driving” includes cutting people off before they cut you off.  So I have so much to learn!

John Eastham,

New missionary to Uganda