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Are you coming? ~ by Vicky Bentley

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Leonard Ravenhill rocked my world again this week…I hope he will also grip your souls and that you will yield to the beckoning of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s the reality, if you and I bow to our knees and agonize over the sin of the world, letting the tears flow freely ~ understanding they come from the heart of a God who grieves for the condition of His children ~ ask for mercy and remain still to receive His counsel today will be a TRAGEDY for the devil and his minions of darkness…I honestly don’t see how we could do any less….

I’m a little angry tonight, I’ve got a reason to be; we are back to Sodom. I watched a well-dressed, well educated, handsome  man speaking of what he saw of the contras [from the rebellion in South America]…Listen, this is horrifying and I couldn’t sleep…it sounds pretty vulgar, but come on, I am saying we ARE back in Sodom. This well-dressed man said in the street he watched 20 men rape a 12 year old girl to death. What in God’s name did he stand there for? I mean…I couldn’t watch ONE man rape a 12 year old girl…but he stood there and watched 20 do it and he is educated…


See the breakdown is not in government merely, it’s in the home. It’s the home where the seeds are sown.  In this year* one million teenage girls will become pregnant, and 200,000 of them will have an abortion.  I am not talking about Sodom and Gomorrah, I’m talking about America. Where you can’t get a prayer meeting going hardly in any churches… young guys phone me  and say, “Mr. Ravenhill, I’m trying to get a prayer meeting in the church and they don’t want to come. They don’t want to pray.”


Do you know why they don’t come? Because they have no prayer life at home. If they had, they would come with something kindling in their hearts and want to EXPLODE when they go to a prayer meeting. You don’t have to grind someone to pray…. I want to live with a burdened heart….I can’t live otherwise… As I say, I’m sick of the mediocrity in the church…I’m looking for God to start a FIRE

You can join the remnant who are seeking God with passionate, reckless, abandon…We have been crucified to the world ~ its treasures are alarmingly vile compared with Christ and His eternal rewards. We want JESUS, His FULLNESS, His POWER and nothing else will satisfy.

We don’t care if you kill us. We are DETERMINED to SEEK with our entire being until He consumes us completely with His Holy fire. We won’t go back and we won’t let go. We will STAND & BE COUNTED or DIE … To us, life without Jesus is not an option….

You can have an ETERNAL impact on this world ONLY by bowing your heart, surrendering your will, and reckoning your ALL on the One by Whom ALL things consist… Let’s make today a lethal blow to the devil’s hold on humanity…the way to THAT kind of victory is death to self….ARE YOU COMING?


* Brother Ravenhill moved to our Father’s house in 1994. So, this message was given 30 years ago, these numbers are higher today…because sin is abounding and things are getting worse. Ravenhill did not live to see the fulfillment of his lifelong relentless pursuit of revival…