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Canaan Farm by Richard Angoma

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Last month we hosted a team of Christian business teachers from Colorado at Canaan farm. The team comprised of volunteers from all walks of life who have a passion for reaching the most remote parts of the world, winning the lost for Christ, discipling believers, and teaching basic business principles.

Fifty women and men attended their first business course ever. The excitement and joy was quite evident during the classes. The course was quite intensive; however, everyone who attended was able to grasp most of the information thanks to the full year of adult literacy classes supported by Far Reaching Ministries. We are blessed to be able to offer everyone these free literacy classes.
Women of Rabuna Fi Masindi learning Basic Business Principles
The goals of the business course were as follows:
1.      Each rural farmer be discipled in their personal journey of faith and invited to begin or deepen their relationship with Christ.
2.      Each farmer be increased their knowledge and understanding of core business principles and incorporate them in their farming business.

Receiving goats as a gift!

At the end of a very hectic two week course, each farmer was given a goat as a new additional business start up. All the fifty enlightened men and women walked home with joy, inspired even more to be a light in their communities and to practice good business.