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Interruption or Appointment? By Natasha Chilikina

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We were in the city center trying to help ONE of the women being lured by human traffickers. To save time, the team went into the building while I waited for a parking space to open up. In every parking area in town, young men earn a living by “directing” traffic. The funny thing is most of them don’t even drive!

In our lot was Anthony, his eyes were bloodshot and it was evident he drank alcohol heavily.  I could tell he was accustomed to running with a rough crowd. He knew what to say to get what he wanted.

Anothony, our newest brother in Christ

The Lord told me to share the gospel with Anthony. I did and then invited him to come to our church on Sunday. I was shocked to see Antony at our church on Sunday morning. Right after service he said, “I want my life to be changed, I want Jesus, I want to get saved!” It was awesome to lead him in the sinners prayer!

It never ceases to amaze me how the LORD works. I thought no parking space was an irritating interruption to my busy schedule; in reality it was a Divine appointment to save a lost soul! The loving kindness of Jesus leads us to repentance…You never know how the Lord is going to lead you and what opportunities He has foreordained for your path. The key is to obediently follow His lead…when you do, life becomes a grand adventure!