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You are the Bride of Christ….

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When long ago, upon a cross, our loving Saviour died,

‘Twas then that Christ, the Bridegroom, purchased us to be His bride.

His pledge of love was made in Heaven before the Father’s throne;

He chose us for Himself and put our good above His own. 

His love was not inspired by any merit on our part—

‘Twas born of grace and goodness springing forth from God’s own heart.

And thus our faithful Bridegroom shows no change in constancy,

However cold in heart or undeserving we may be.

And day by day, our hearts are filled with growing love and trust,

As we behold our Bridegroom, Who is loving, wise, and just.

We cease from caring for ourselves and choosing our own way—

‘Tis His to care for us, and ours to trust Him and obey.

O, pattern sweet for you who now as bride and bridegroom stand—

Two lives to be forever joined by God’s almighty hand!

And yet a third, the Heavenly Bridegroom, stands with you today;

And you, the earthly bride and groom, each have two parts to play!

As bride, you see, you’re twice a bride—you also are Christ’s own;

The vows made to your earthly groom are not to him alone.

And though you stand today as groom, you’re also Christ’s own bride,

And ever faithful to your vows to Christ you must abide.

As bride, you come to meet your groom adorned in glorious dress—

So both of you, as bride of Christ, must wear His Righteousness.

The wonder of your Heavenly Bridegroom’s all forgiving grace

Will fill your hearts with patience as each other’s faults you face.

As groom, you have not in yourself the strength to face each day—

‘Tis only as you follow Christ that you can lead the way.

As bride, you can’t give o’er your will and follow without fear

Apart from faith in Christ’s own power to keep your bridegroom near.

‘Tis in this three-fold union that the joy of marriage lies,

For Christ will put within your hearts His love that never dies.

He’ll guide you with His wisdom when your path grows rough or dim,

And He’ll bind your hearts together as you each draw near to Him. 

                                                                                   ~Joy Dean