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Intimate Absolution Part One

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You are probably wondering why this post is entitled “Intimate Absolution?” Don’t worry we are not seeking financial gifts to guarantee your good standing with God!  Absolution means forgiveness, pardon, freedom, release, liberty. It made me stop and think; “What does forgiveness have to do with intimacy?” 
After praying I can confidently say, “Everything, forgiveness has everything to do with intimacy.” I want us to respond to three things concerning forgiveness:
1.      Reveal the Biblical meaning for forgiveness
2.      Resolve to follow the Biblical command to forgive
3.      Relinquish our feelings in order to stand in submission to the Biblical promises about forgiveness

Reveal the Biblical meaning of forgiveness: Intimate Absolution, guilt eats away at the soul, we long after forgiveness.
·         Intimate Admission, being born again,  is our first and primary encounter with forgiveness.
·         Forgiveness is at the foundation of our relationship with Jesus; we are sinners in need of a Savior
·         Vertical forgiveness – between you and the Lord
·         Challenge: write out your testimony. Take time alone, put it on paper. Spend time really enjoying what He has done, how far He has brought you, look at the miracles…
·         The greatest miracle you can share is what Jesus has done in you! Purpose in your heart to share it every day!
o   Cut it down to 60 seconds so you can share it anytime, anywhere, and anyway then start practicing….no one will know if you make a mistake, it’s your story!
o   I recently met woman at a Surgery Center. She grew up an atheist and her neighbor just invited her to church….she said she never heard the name Jesus.
o   As they sat listening to the message, both her and her husband saw themselves in all the behaviors he mentioned. They wondered how the pastor knew so much about them, and even remarked afterwards, “Did you see him looking at me while he spoke?”
o   Even though conviction was uncomfortable, they kept going back because Jesus does the drawing….John 6:44: No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.
o   Until God opened their ears and now they are actively serving Jesus….
All it took was one person stepping out. You are that one person.