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Christ in you the HOPE of GLORY!

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Here is the whole deal….It’s so NOT about us!

Can you all say that out loud! 


When you were intimately admittedinto the kingdom of God old things were passed away. Everything about you was made new. Your heart was replaced, your spirit was revived, and the sin that had dominion over you was destroyed. All record of your failures was washed away in the blood of Jesus. You got a clean slate – you are justified, standing before God “just as if you never sinned! Even more amazing than all that is the Spirit of the Living, Loving Godcame to dwell forever in your heart.


The Holy Spirit enables you to experience intimate adoration of your Savior 24/7. Your being, as we read back in Psalm 86, every fiber of your being to be exact, is united to worship Him. When you don’t have the words to say, the Spirit intercedes for you, when you don’t know what to say or do, He whispers, “This is the way, walk ye in it”….


Your life, your whole existence became one of worship! Worship frees you because it’s based on Him. You get to be experiencing Him moment by moment – no interruption, no distraction, no disappointment – and then we get to go and be Jesus with skin on to this lost and dying world! You have the privilege of touching them in His name, leaving that beautiful fragrance of His life, allowing the lost to see by your lifestyle exactly what agape looks like…..and I could go on and on. Can you stop a second and praise the Lord for this!!!


The intimacy you have with Jesus goes deeper, gets richer, until it literally permeates every part of us. Jesus intimately instructs us through His word. He shows us, teaches us and leads us…and we realize that He inescapably in love with us….we never stop growing in grace and in the knowledge of who He is. Every day is an adventure and will bring forth fruit for His glory if we will just live in radical obedience!


When we are this crazy in love with Jesus we start to year for more…we feel this urgency to take the love and hope of the gospel to anyone who will listen….we want others to share in the intimacy we have and we start to ask him for greater measures of His Spirit. Once we are intimately intoxicated there is no stopping us ladies….The Spirit is available to us in unlimited measure and nothing is impossible for God. The apostles changed the world – twelve men filled with the fullness of God reached the WORLD -with no airplanes, cars, phones, or the internet! 


How much more can we do….I am excited to see the fruit that will come. I believe your city can be won for Jesus, your state can experience revival, and it will spread like wildfire from you to reach your nation, your continent and even to the uttermost ends of this earth!  Yes, you can be part of revival…because this is an Exchanged Life!


Jesus in us is the Hope of Glory…
        We die and HE Lives!