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Our 10th Annual Pastor’s BBQ!

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The event we look forward to all year… The 10th Annual Pastor’s BBQ

One of the highlights of working for Far Reaching Ministries is the Pastor’s Barbeque. We invite the men who are in town for the Senior Pastor’s Conference at the conference center to come enjoy ribs, brisket and kielbasa. Ed Gauntt, our Operations Officer, is also a master with a smoker and cooks for several days with the help of an along time friend, David Dixon, to feed 250+ pastors who attend. Ed also prepares a whole hog, which is cooked in a roasting box. It is “vaccinated” with some marinade concoction that Ed puts together. (That it still looks very much like a pig with little piggy ears and snout is always a point of contention among those on staff who would prefer their food not to look so much like Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web.) It’s so fun to feed meat to men. It’s sort of like working the water station at mile 20 for a marathon… These guys lead and teach their flocks all year long and it’s a blessing to be able to do something special for them. I also enjoy getting to put faces with all the people who call the office all year long, and with the names of the men who travel to South Sudan to teach the chaplains.

We were doubly blessed to be joined by chaplains James Olal, Michael Tombei and Abdrahaman Tia via Skype from the base in Nimule, South Sudan, and it was such a pleasure to see Vicky as well.