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Baby Josiah

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Baby Josiah, the little boy who was born with a hole in his heart, who was taken to the hospital in Germany and had heart surgery, where the doctors were amazed at how long he lived with the complications that he had in his heart, who miraculously lived to be 6th months old…now is in the presence of his heavenly Father, in the arms of Jesus…Baby Josiah went to be with the Lord only one day after Janet, his mother and Josiah arrived safely back in Nairobi…  
After the church serves on Sunday we visited Josiah’s parents.  When I greeted Janet, I gave her a hug…and her body was convulsing from the pain of grief in her heart…and tears were coming out of her eyes…Janet shared with us that the surgery was very complicated and the doctors were amazed that with the condition of Josiah’s heart he was able to live that long…The surgery itself was 12 hours, and very difficult but it went well.  Josiah was recovering after the surgery and Janet said that he even started smiling every morning when he woke up…Josiah improved in his condition so much that the doctors, after performing many tests decided to let him travel back to Kenya…
After a day of being here in Nairobi, Josiah died…To hear Janet’s testimony of God’s faithfulness was such an incredible time…she said that even though Josiah was sick from the day he was born, he is the best gift from God that they ever had…Through Josiah the Lord brought them so close to Himself…They are giving thanks and glory to Almighty God Who knows what and why, Who has the right to give and to take away…without any questions to ask…It has been an amazing testimony of God’s Sovereignty for us as a church body.
Please keep the family in prayer.