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His Tender Mercies

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God desires again to pull each one of us into His embrace this morning…

He wants you to experience the fullness of His love!
We are going to linger at His table,
to feast on His loving-kindness
and to delight in His tender mercy.
Years ago I was reading through my “One Year Bible,” and I happened upon the phrase “tender mercies.” I remember distinctly looking up from the page and letting those two simple words just roll around in my mind for a few minutes. From that day onward, I often pray for His tender mercies to be brought to life for myself and others.
Because of His tender mercies, we have immeasurable love that permeates our walk.
If we are willing, His presence goes with me, and you,
to lead,
                         and use us. 
It is His good pleasure to speak continually to us – to literally saturate us with Himself –
but sadly we shut Him out – sometimes in fear,
    or just being too busy.
But I believe that He wants to reveal to us the meaning and miracle of His “Tender Mercies” today!