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Love Vs. Busyness

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Sadly, we live in a day and age that is too busy to cultivate the closeness intimacy requires.
Look at your typical day, week, month year….
If your day is anything at all like mine, it’s a challenge to find even an hour to set aside to be alone with God. I find myself praying always out of sheer necessity. I’ve had to become a multi-tasker…
Is that true for you too?
Contrast our modern culture with the lives of saints of old:
·         Paul declared, “I pray in tongues more than all of you.”
·         In spite of the hours it took to travel by foot  and mule, he still found MUCH time with the  Lord.
·         George Mueller, the famous pastor who cared for thousands of orphans, was said to rise long before dawn because he found that without having at least 3 hours alone to pray, he was unable to manage the responsibilities put before him.
I don’t bring up these examples to condemn us or insinuate we are falling short in God’s eyes….Please hear my heart! I am trying to help us to see what the Apostle Paul calls the more excellent way….the way of love.
For you see, love knows nothing of sacrifice,
love isn’t bound by time and circumstance,
love gives with glad abandon,
love willingly relinquishes all for the Beloved,
love finds strength beyond human ability,
and love swallows up every excuse.
We are here to drown in this love (Ezekiel 47:1-5.)
                Drowning means death; But be assured: it’s only death to that which hinders pure joy and
                weakens our bonds with Christ (Hebrews 12:26-29.)
In in losing our lives, we will find His life…