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Jesus: Fiercely Protective Brother

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I have three brothers, all younger, with no sisters, so growing up I was outnumbered. We had our fair share of family feuds…but rest assured: if someone raised a hand to me outside our home, my brothers were right there to defend me. They were taught by my Dad to watch over me and care for me, and they still do even to this day.
The brother who follows me, has always been quiet and hardworking. He is the type of man who has a few friends; but those few are friends in the truest sense of the word. He is extremely loyal and those friendships will last a lifetime. My first husband and he were inseparable. They hunted, camped, went dirt bike riding, played pool, you name it, they did it together. I was blessed by their friendship and enjoyed having my brother around the house. When my husband told me he was leaving I did not know how my brother would react.
I will never forget a few days later when my brother stopped by the house, like he always did, but this time he found me crying. I was embarrassed and did not want to make him feel uncomfortable. I did not want to make him feel like he had to choose between my husband and me….I figured that he would always be my little brother, and that somehow I would manage…. He said, “Sister, this is wrong, and when he came and told me what happened and expected us to be friends just like nothing ever happened, I told him he was a loser and our friendship was over!”
Once again, my brother came to my aid….
Jesus demonstrates His love as a Brother too:
Proved: Substantiated, validated, authenticated, demonstrated
Purchased: Acquired, obtained
Promises: Pledges, assures
Protects: Defends, shields, safeguards, shelters, sanctuary