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Watering The Seeds: Follow-Up In Jele

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Over the weekend, we visited in Jele to follow up with the 15 villagers who prayed to receive Christ a couple of weeks ago. It was a sweet time.Under a tree in the middle of the village, Michael preached and the Rabuna Fi ladies sang, danced, and prayed with the new believers who came. A few of the Rabuna Fi ladies, along with a couple of chaplains and a couple of trainers from the States, went sharing door to door.

Vicky, Gifti, Jen, Rose, Elizabeth, and Rebecca visited two ladies who had been suicidal for years.

“I was changed after I accepted Christ,” one of the ladies shared. “But I have been getting discouraged again. Now I want to be one of you.”

“We could be sisters, our stories are so similar,” the other lady added. “I tried to kill myself, too. I took every pill I could find, but nothing happened. Now I want to live with hope. I want to live for God.”

Kumi, Joe, Cezarina, and Scovia visited a lady called Betty who had been bleeding uncontrollably for the past three months. At the hospital, she had tested positive for both typhoid and malaria and was told that she had only 4 liters of blood left in her body. The medicine she was given did nothing to help.

That day, for the first time in months, she managed to get out of bed and go out to her field. There, she found that all her groundnuts had been eaten by rats and the rest of her crops were overgrown by weeds. Falling to her knees, she cried out to God: “Forgive me if I have committed any sin against You, because if I have, I don’t know what it is. Please lead me on the right path.”

Weeping, she started home. On the way, she heard the Rabuna Fi ladies singing in the distance, and her childen came running to meet her, shouting, “Mom, the people from the church have come!” She went inside to wash her feet to join the gathering, but her legs so weak, she didn’t know if she would make it. Just then, Kumi, Joe, Cezarina and Scovia showed up at her door.

Betty shared her story with them and asked for prayer, since there is no church in the village she can go for help. “God has visited your home because you prayed,” the group encouraged her. “He is able to direct you and heal you.”

Please continue to pray for the village of Jele, especially for the new believers! Pray that God would raise up chaplins and ladies to visit regularly to encourage them and teach them the Word of God.