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Ladies’ Conference In Loa – Day #1

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Today we joined our sisters in Loa for prayer, worship, fellowship, and the Word. Some of the new believers from Jele were able to join us as well.

The Loa ladies welcomed us with singing and dancing; their joy was contagious, and the celebration went on for about twenty minutes before we could convene for the first session!

About seventy ladies attended, along with dozens of their small children and a few men from the church. Several people prayed to surrender their lives to Christ. We learned about becoming a new creation, walking in the newness of life, and putting off the old and putting on the new.

The ladies asked lots of questions, and we encouraged them to get all their answers from God’s Word. They also shared some of their prayer requests, and we prayed together for healing and reconciliation within their families.

Please pray that God would continue to minster to the ladies as they spend the night together and watch the Jesus Film. Pray for the ladies who shared with us today, whose children are sick and whose husbands are abusive, that they would continue to follow Jesus and that He would show Himself faithful in their lives.
Praise God for His joy and for the fellowship we have with one another in Him! We can’t wait to see Him move mightily among us in Loa tomorrow!