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A Deeper Bond

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We read in the New Testament that the Apostle Paul took this vow to Jesus because he found in Jesus the freedom and acceptance he had searched for his whole life.
Paul loved Jesus supremely!
It was love that compelled him to surrender everything –
to voluntarily become Christ’s slave.
Jesus held first place in his heart
and EVERYTHING else in his life proved it!
Nothing was more important to Paul than His Master.
That is why, as he penned much of his letters from a dark and lonely prison cell,
he had no complaints.
He knew he was not there by the hand of an evildoer…
He was confident he was ONLY there by the Sovereignty of God.
Yet, here Paul declares there is EVEN a deeper bond than that of a doulas: the bond of a covenant.
You see when Jesus provided atonement the contract was abolished.
A contract could be revoked or broken; it wasn’t permanent enough for your Father.
He had to be sure that NOTHING could dissolve the bond between you two.
So He made a covenant
and ALL the responsibility resides in the covenant, not on you….
He did it all for you.