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Real Life Bible Story

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We read the Bible and read of the stories of old.  The stories seem so amazing and supernatural.  And then, you pray the words of Isaiah, “Here I am, Send me.”   According to the faithfulness of the Lord, He sends us and then we find ourselves in the middle of our own incredible Bible Story.  I found myself in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya; standing on stage, singing songs of hope, sharing the Gospel, and staring into so many eyes urging them to come to Jesus, sit at His feet, and let Him live out a life of Purpose in their own lives.  So many faces whose names are known by our God whose arm is not too short to save, heard the message given by our team.  What was MOST encouraging, were the local ladies who came from Calvary Chapel Nairobi to participate in our skit: Cardboard Testimony.   Each lady wrote a few simple words of what they were before Christ: Prostitute to Bride of Christ, Man-pleaser to God Pleaser, Alcoholic to Free in Christ Jesus!  We gave the opportunity to receive Christ and many in the crowd raised their hands.  What a privilege to walk through this real-life Bible story!