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The Heaven Of His Presence

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Our entire being was created to partake of Christ, we are vessels designed to hold Him.
Trying to fill our lives with anything else is vanity!
We desperately need Jesus to permeate all five of our senses…
to saturate us with His love  and to transform our relationship
to one of intimate adoration so that our ears will be tuned in
to receive His intimate instructions.
This type of oneness and dependency is not popular.
Women fear it  – but sincerely, it is the most freeing way to live.
There is NOTHING to fear!
The more we yield to His love the more we can literally experience what Andrew Murray calls, “the heaven of His presence.
Just saying that makes my heart yearn for more time away with Jesus:
more walks on the beach,
more sunsets,
more candle light prayer vigils,
more worship under the starry African sky….
where do you meet with Him?
Protect that secret place, hallow it, and don’t let anything rob you of your time with Him.
We make date nights with our husbands and our best friends . . .
I think we should make date nights with Jesus too!
God’s love still beckons us to come away, to enjoy Him, to rest for awhile – will you come?
This not a day off or a break from life…it’s a new and living way of life.
This is exchanging old for new;
flesh for Spirit;
depression for expectation;
and my messed up life for His perfect life!
We have nothing to lose and everything to gain!