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Kindred Spirits

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Do you have a best friend?  I can’t help but think of Anne of Green Gables and her quest for a bosom friend. She described her as a kindred spirit, a trusted confidant that would share in her triumphs and defeats, her joys and sorrows, her laughter and her tears, and would partake of her secrets and her proclamations.
Life was meant to be shared. God’s desire is for us to have friendships like this….first with Him and then with others. We are likened to a BODY, not a vehicle with individual parts that could easily stand alone and be of use, but a BODY.
We are an organism fully reliant on each of its unique and invaluable members.
V  Your hearts needs the lungs to provide oxygen so it can function and your blood vessels and arteries to carry out the work.
V  But it also needs your stomach, liver, and pancreas so it can get the nutrients necessary for survival!
Every member of the body is intertwined and dependent….God did that on purpose!